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The drip irrigation kits we donate are made by Rivulis, an agri-tech firm that is the only current producer of this type of product in Peru. Below is a video (in Spanish) detailing the installation process of irrigation kits.

By donating, you will have helped us buy DK-100 DripKits, which are boxes that contain 100 square meters of irrigation piping, a water filter, and an instruction manual. This drip irrigation system, which is installed onto the fields of the recipients, functions by conveying water droplets to the crops’ roots, allowing farmers to save up to 80% of their water compared to non-drip irrigation. Using drip irrigation enables farmers to increase crop output by up to 90%. This sizeable increase in the food that families can produce leads to many benefits:

  • By growing iron-rich vegetables native to Peru, such as quinoa, families can combat anemia. This can save lives because 40% of Peruvian children under the age of five suffer from crippling iron deficiency.

  • Growing more food leads to a calorie surplus, which creates a new source of income for these impoverished families, as they are able to sell the excess food. (Families in rural Peru tend to have a small plot of land from which they grow vegetables and raise livestock. Families rely on these fields for their daily meals, and sell the excess produce.)

  • Educating children in irrigation technology and smart irrigation practices leads to a more environmentally friendly use of scarce resources such as water and fertilizer.

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